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Bono Surf Camp - Kampar River

bono  The village of Teluk Meranti

Teluk Meranti on Kampar River is a small friendly village of 2500 people with small shops, saturday night market, 4 schools.... GSM phone coverage is excellent (3 different antennas) and you can get internet through 3G key.

Power : normally only at night but we can ask for generator to start earlier for charging batteries, lights, fans...

Muslim village : respect the Mosque prayers, no beers (no fridge by the way).

bono  Hotel & Restaurants

Since Day 1, Erna and Ipin have been very helpful. Their Mega Lestari Hotel owns 8 decent rooms with 4 doubles and 4 singles, all with fans but no aircon, on first floor. There is now mosquito bed netting in the rooms, take repellent but remember the mosquito factor is pretty low. A large ventilated living room with sofas makes life fairly easy.

The main restaurant is opposite the hotel : food is varied with white rice, river fishes, chicken and some tasty (if not spicy) local recipes, some sweet stuff. No beer available in town, please don't bring alcohol. You'll get 2 bottles of mineral water per day and per person.

bono  Tips

  • Sun : zero degree latitude, cover / protect yourself.
  • Malaria : take tablets in case you need them but most of us (10 people) have not used it.
  • Food : none of us got stomach-sick, food is spicy but fairly safe.
  • Snakes : most of them are non-poisonous.
  • Crocodiles : rumours but not an everyday reality, mostly upriver, no attack recorded around Teluk Meranti for decades.
  • Doctor : yes
  • Health center : yes
  • Hospital : Pekanbaru

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View from the hotel  Teluk Meranti village from above 
The mosque of Teluk Meranti  Building for swallow's nest 
High waters after the Bono  Highwaters after the tidal bore 
Mega Lestari Hotel in Teluk Meranti  Dock next to the hotel 
Living room in the hotel  Rooms with mosquito nets 
Family runed hotel  Rosa, waitress at the hotel