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Transportation To Teluk Meranti - Air & Overland

bono  AIR : from Europe or Asia, it's better to fly Kual Lumpur (KUL)

Air Asia
operates now from Paris-Orly (with 4 flights a week) and London-Stansted (1 flight a day). Average pricing is 550€ r/t, and supplement for boardbag (has to weight less than 20 kg) is 20€ per trip.

You will land at KLIA and you need to transfer to LCCT, which takes 20 minutes by bus (2,5 Ringgits per trip + 5 Ringgits for boardbag). Bus leaves every 30 minutes, expect one hour tranfer time.

At this stage, there is 1 flight per day from Kuala Lumpur to Pekanbaru (PKU) in Central Sumatra. Usual cost is 80€ r/t, a boardbag costs 70 Ringgit (18€) per trip. Take care, they charge 40 Ringgit per kg over 20 kg !!!

AIR ASIA FLIGHTS KL - PKU PKU – KL air asia logo
riau province
Monday 16:00 - 15:50 16:15 - 18:00
Tuesday 10:50 - 10:40 11:05 - 12:50
Wednesday 16:00 - 15:50 16:15 - 18:00
Thursday 10:50 - 10:40 11:05 - 12:50
Friday 16:00 - 15:50 16:15 - 18:00
Saturday 10:50 - 10:40 11:05 - 12:50
Sunday 15:50 - 15:35 16:00 - 17:45

Note : buses don't have storage cases so you need to get the boardbag inside the bus. In case you need to leave stuff behind, there is a "left luggage" in both airports. But it's expensive : 48 Ringgit (approx 12€) per day for XL bags.

bono  AIR : Singapore is an option too, but it's more expensive and takes 2 days

If you go for the Singapore option, below are the instructions to get to your final destination, Teluk Meranti :

• First take a Maxi-Cab (50 SG$, 30 €) from Changi to Waterfront

• Take a fast ferry from Singapore Waterfront to Sekupang on Batam island (45 minutes,  around 35-50 SG$, 20-30€)

• Take a speedboat from Sekupang to Tanjung Batu on Kundur island (2 hours, 220.000 Rps (20€) but only from 0800 to 1500. Same on return).

• Then take the daily  speedboat from Tanjung Batu to Teluk Meranti (3 to 4 hours, 180.000 Rps (15€) but quite packed !).
Departs 0700 – arrives 1000 or 1100 (depending on Kampar river flow)
Returns 1300 – arrives 1600 or 1700 (depending on Kampar river flow)

You may also charter Teluk Meranti 200Hp 10-seater speedboat but that's 2.500.000 Rps (200 €)

bono  AIR : from Indonesia, Australia or America, best is to fly to Jakarta (CGK)

There are 10 to 16 flights per day between Jakarta and Pekanbaru with Lion Air, Garuda and Riau airlines.


You best option is to land in Pekanbaru
, capital of Riau Province. You need 25 US$ or the equivalent in Ringgit or € to obtain your visa upon arrival and a passport with at least 6 months validity. Visa will be granted for 30 days.

river defender pekanbaru Our local operator there, River Difender, will be taking care of your arrival. You can decide to stay one night in Pekanbaru (700,000 people, oil capital of Indonesia) to enjoy a scenic day drive the next day, or go straight to Teluk Meranti, which last anything from 4 to 7 hours depending on road conditions.

Hotel Aziza in Pekanbaru is 15 minutes from the airport, provides clean deluxe rooms at 350,000 Rps (about 30€ for a double bed room) with free breakfast, free wifi, massage...

Pekanbaru sightseeings: Masjid An Nur Grand Mosque. Or come through Telkomsel shop to set-up a 3G connection with local SIM card (700,000Rps for the key, 100,000 for the card + 100 Mb download).

Transfer : Toyota Avanza (3 passengers max per car), boards on roof ok.
Cost of transfer is 1,100,000 Rps per trip (90€).


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